Need manufacture of screw threads, joints, and nozzles? Count on us!
Need precious turning products (low amount of prototypes, small threads, screws and nozzles)? Contact Gunkyo Factory Inc.!
Our company has been supported by a brace of many users, and grew as a valve maker and producer of copper pipe joints for air-conditioning instrumentation since the formation. Today, with acquired skills and knowhow, all precious parts are processable for us.
Especially, precious turning products with small thread, low amount and single prototype, various screw threads processes (PT, PF, NPP, Unified thread, inch-screw threads), and nonferrous products including resin, are in our line. We can process products which are avoided from other companies. Please feel free to inquire.
New Introductory VTR; Anti-Spatter sheet, “Flame-resistant paper GP”
Please check this out. New Introductory VTR; Anti-Spatter sheet, “Flame-resistant paper GP” is now available. With this demonstration, you can easily understand how it works. For more detail, please refer the website below.
Weld Anti-Spatter related products
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